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The skin on the fayoung-girl-looks-after-a-face-skin-cucumbers-and-yogurt-ce tends to get very oily during the day for many people. On the other hand, not applying cream is not the way to avoid oily skin. You should follow these tips instead.

Do not wash your face too much.  This maybe sounds counterproductive, but the thing is if you wash your skin too much, it will produce natural oils to compensate for the dryness.  So, the best thing that you can do is to wash your face once in the morning or evening.

Cucumbers. This vegetable is high on vitamin E and vitamin A, and magnesium as well. So, cucumbers are perfect for oily skin. Their astringent and cooling properties also curb the skin from producing excess natural oils.

Lemons. This citric fruits soak up the oils of the skin with its astringent properties. Also, lemon juice is very good for reducing blemishes.

Natural face wash. The skin produces more oil because the chemicals, but a face wash mostly dry out the skin. You should try homemade face wash made from natural ingredients, which avoids dryness.rosewater2

We will list some easy and simple home remedies that will help you to get rid of these blemishes, if blemishes are the reason you have been locking yourself up at home.

  1. Regular apply of sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen often specifically the one that has SPF 15 or something higher every time you step out of house. The thing is that sun could make blemishes even worse and can get in the way with certain acne treatments and medications.
  2. Sandalwood and rose water. Using a mixture of rose water and sandalwood is another remedy for getting rid of blemishes. You should first take equivalent amounts of rose water, lemon juice and add sandalwood powder and you make a form of a paste. When the paste is formed, you should apply it on your skin and leave it for about ten to fifteen minutes. After that, wash it with clear water and pat dry. You need to do this regularly to find the difference.
  3. Almond and oranges. You should take a small amount of dried orange peel and coarsely, blanched grinded almonds in a small bowl. Now you need to make a paste which loofruit-masque-on-facek like a scrub. Now, scrub the paste on your face for thirty to sixty seconds. After that, wash it with clean water.
  4.  Grated potatoes. Starch diminishes dark circles and helps in reducing pigmentation. You need to take a small potato, grate it and extract its juice. Now, take a cotton ball and soak it in the juice and apply it on your skin. You should leave it for about fifteen to twenty minutes and then rinse it off. If you do this daily it will reduce the pigmentation and dark circles.
  5. Banana peel. Take a ripe banana and softly rub the inside of its skin on the affected area for about ten minutes, until the peel turns brown. Now, let it dry completely and then wash it off with clean water.
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How to Get Clear Skin in 1 Week

Posted By on Feb 18, 2015

Clear Skin BeautyA lot of people have a problem to have their skin clear. Commercial products can take too long to soften your skin, and not everybody of us can afford a dermatologist. In this article we are going to show you how to have a clear skin in one week. Beside these, there are plenty other solutions, so if in any case these tips do not help you, don’t get discouraged. You can try many other different ways.  Do not forget, there are plenty of other solutions.

Good thing you can do is to put a clean washcloth under a hot water and immediately press it onto your face. Steam and the water will help you to clean the dirt from your pores. In this way, it easier to clean your pores because they are open. Be careful with water, make sure it is not too hot when you doing this.

You need to wash your hands very well with antibacterial soap. And you need to wash it very frequent. Also, you know very well that you can’t wash your face successfully if your hands are dirty. You can put all these germs from your hands onto yourClear Skin Beauty face. If you have a good antibacterial soap or a cleanser, you need to wash your face, after you remove the cloth. So, you need to put on the cleanser without wetting your face.  Do not rinse your face in cold water, you should rinse it in warm water and pat dry. But make sure it is not completely dry. This is how your cleansing part should look alike.

Take a two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of water. You need to stir it to look like pasta and after that add one more tablespoon sugar. You need to stir it again and drain out some water. Now you need to get your hands wet and then, rub them on your face. You need to have a little bit of water on your face. Now, scoop up the sugar and water and put on your cheeks.  Do this twice. So, scoop again and add some of it on the same cheek. Rub the sugar in circular motions on your cheek for sixty seconds. You need to rinse it off and repeat the same thing with the other cheek and forehead.Clear Skin Beautylso, put around 10 drops on lemon juice on your hands after you have washed your face. Spread it on your face for 10 seconds, and be careful. Keep in mind that lemon juice is strong and if it burns on your face, keep it only for 3 seconds. In this way you will break down the dirt in your pores that the cleanser missed. This is your toner.

Now, rub an ice cube on your face or splash cold water on your face. This is the last thing, because splashed cold water on your face will have your pores closed. Remember that water is like a key to your pores. With hot water you can open your pores, while cold water will lock your pores.  If you do all these steps with open pores you will get almost all of bacteria and the dirt out, plus you will keep your skin clear. If you do this every day by a week you will have a healthy, happy and pretty skin!

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